Garuda linux is awesome

Well first of all introduce myself, my name is thomas and I was a windows user basically since I was born, I was one of those people who thought that linux was something stupid and obsolete, (I couldn't be more wrong) I don't remember how it happened but I wanted something new and I installed Ubuntu mint on my pc 4 months ago and things didn't go very well (many technical errors wifi and others) so I ended up deleted it soon

Then I tried garuda and, I don't know my friend, I began to fall in love with the world of arch linux, the ease of doing many things with just one command in the terminal, the elegance of this action drove me crazy, (I'm still learning, I'm very new to linux distros) I'm also obsessed with customization options

Not everything is good in this life, I had a lot of problems at the beginning with some things like the installation of nvidia optimus and others, it made me feel frustrated, but the satisfaction of solving them either thanks to the community or by yourself, that satisfaction is priceless

I don't think I will ever install windows on my computer again, well that's my summary story very happy to be part of this community, I would like to read your stories or know if you have any advice for a newcomer to the world of garuda linux


Welcome! :wave:t3:

Typically, Arch is not for newbies. Tadpoles usually get their start in the Ubuntu/Mint/Debian and like pool until they learn the processes, ins-and-outs of linux, at least moderately enough to diagnose/fix basic issues. Arch is fast moving, shit can break, Arch's "latest and greatest" and toy box that is AUR, can attract all levels of moths to the flame, and those without the linux skillz usually fly too close and .... :fire:.

If you need help, most of the time your problem has already been addressed, so research for answers first and foremost, be diligent, learn lots...and have fun. :nerd_face:


That was an honest post, Rodney, and it was well-put.

@thomasrepka, Garuda is a deceptively-powerful Linux distribution; pretty on the outside but, just like all such beautiful things, requires attention to keep it happy with you.

The fact that you have already had the patience to overcome minor obstacles is a plus. Keep it up. Knowledge is the key. But Rodney put it better: "be diligent, learn lots...and have fun."


welcome to a first foot down the rabbit hole! If you ever feel like re-installing Windows again, take 2 paracetamol. But if that doesn't work, it can always be installed as a virtual machine within linux using the likes of virtualbox. Enjoy.