Garuda please help me when I download garuda Linux it make my 4gb ram in 3.7 GiB then I reinstall it become 3.6GiB
When I download any thing I send a notification that is warning :warning: low memory why . When I tried to download any file in hard drive it can't be download in hard drive and it can't able to create a new folder . Please help me :pray:t2: GARUDA LINUX

Maybe you have too many files.
Try deleting some unwanted files. Large files like movies and pictures.
If your ram is used a lot, read the wiki.
Unused Ram is wasted Ram.

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Could also be the 'Space Eater' virus, because you mentioned you can't download any file or create a new folder (reads like a Hard Disk Drive issue, not RAM).

Please read this, and see if you have the symptoms:

Low Disk Space Virus Removal--Fix Low Disk Issue.

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You have to decide that you have to read about how linux works.
Linux is not for everyone, especially when they refuse to read a user manual, or man pages.


Specifically, read the manpage for "chown".

Generally when new users complain they can't copy files to a drive it is because they don't have ownership of the drive.