Garuda kde is broken after update

after update garuda kde is broken and the pacman GUI is not opening and the latte dock is showing error
photo are in link because i am a new user i cannot attached photo

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What does "broken" mean, exactly?

pamac is broken right now.
What error is latte displaying? (No one here is psychic, be specific!)

The URL is broken, so no picture.


yes the theme is broken because --- image--Screenshot-1 — ImgBB


and the latted dock error has been fixed by me -but thankyou  to you everyone 

but pacman is not opening i tried very much reboot done

No, pamac (add/remove software) is not opening (see link provided above).
Pacman is working, but from your picture I noticed that:

  1. You probably still have to merge the pacman.conf with the pacman.conf.pacnew (and probably the same for paru and others) -> ref. same link above for istructions and hints
  2. you're trying to install pamac-flatpak-plugin, but before doing that you should first do 1. and then install flatpack with sudo pacman -S flatpak (by-the-way I think that the use of flatpacks is definitely discouraged here)