Garuda KDE "Dr460nized" not saving desktop settings

hi, i am a newbie in this field
KDE Plasma is not saving my desktop settings like wallpaper,lockscreen image etc. when i reboot all desktop settings resets. wallpaper resets.
please help me

Are you using the Guest account, or just booting and using the live installer environment?

Neither of those options will save your settings between reboots.


I do encounter some sort of issue where the wallpaper on my second display switches to default every few reboots.

It's not too much of an inconvenience, I just switch the wallpaper.

But yes, jonathan is right. If all desktop settings are changed upon every reboot, perhaps you are in a guest account.


I am not using guest account
Thank you for responding, wallpaper is persistent now but lockscreen isn't. Anyway, it not much of an inconvenience.
Finally after one year off distrohopping, trying more 10 distros i found the perfect distro for me. This is blazing fast. I never felt my computer this responsive even with windows 10(default when i bought). I really like arch based distros and manjaro was not stable in my system (crashes after update) i am pretty impressed by garuda's stability and performance.
sorry for bad grammar


Maybe you have confused lockscreen with SDDM greeter?
Confirm it looking in Settings => Workspace behavior => Lock screen