Garuda Installer not Detecting Partitions

Hey everyone, I am attempting to dual boot Windows and Garuda. I have a 32 gigabyte drive that I flashed with Garuda, and when I run the installer, it tells me that #1 I don't have enough space, and #2, it couldn't detect any partitions. My intent is to install it on a partition I created on my C drive, but it doesn't look like Garuda could detect it. I am booting using UEFI inside of BIOS, and using the NVIDIA drivers.

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Dual booting has no support forum . Garuda is optimized for being a primary os.

Also you had not disable fast boot in uindows 1o that s why garuda installer couldn't detect partitions .

Also your #1 is because of #2 . That s why it had shown not enough space.

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Okay thank you for letting me know that there isn't a dual boot forum. As for the solution, I will give it a try. Thanks! :slight_smile:

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