Garuda installer feedback

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Garuda installer feedback:
First thing I think I should ask is if the installer is up for debate for changes?
Then, I would put in my few pennies worth of comments

As always in life, it depends. :smiley:

Maybe you make better a pull request to

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Sorry, I ment additions to the Garuda one.
Never minds, will keep the trap closed ... :slight_smile:

Garuda, like many distributions nowadays, uses the Calamares installer. It's a generic open sauce project and every distribution that makes use of it configures their routine a little differently than the others, so it is very malleable.

It is not very difficult to create yet another Linux spin using Calamares. However, supporting what you create is another matter. That's where the pros come in.


Yeah, we would love to hear feedback, and apply them, if acceptable and feasible.

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