Garuda Installation Issues


I'm having an issue with installing Garuda Gnome edition. I've installed Garuda multiple times and have had no issues. For some reason this time around the file sources like the torrent and the direct (USA) simply don't work except for the Sourceforge link. The problem isn't my browser, I've tried three different browsers. This isn't the main issue but seems a little odd.

The main problem is booting off of a live USB session. I have an Nvidia card and the plymouth screen hangs on the termination part of booting and booting off of the open source drivers gets me to the desktop but my monitors are a straight yellow color.

I've observed the checksums for the iso and they do not match up and I can't get the checksum directly from Garuda Linux | Download because the link simply doesn't work but I believe I got the most recent one from Sourceforge directories.

I'm wondering if anyone else is having this issue and if anyone could provide any insight.


strange. I can download SHA256 and Torrents no problem.

Nvidia on the latest ISOs is being a bit funny due to a shared library bug. Install with the open source drivers, the setup assistant will prompt you to install the NVIDIA drivers afterwards. Don't worry about the yellow tint.


Paging @dr460nf1r3, do you mind checking if the OP's IP address is blocked in crowdsec or something?

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It's not on the list :slight_smile:

Gotcha, I'll try that out.

Besides that, would you happen to know anything about the mismatched checksums?

So booting and installing with open source drivers was the same but after installing Nvidia drivers it all got sorted out.

Still a little paranoid about those checksums though, if anybody could look into those.


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