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I have tried Garuda in the past in a virtual machine. I enjoyed it so much that I decided to install it. Unfortunately, the current kernel included with the installation download has problems with my CPU and GPU combo. Evidently a lot of others too - I have a Ryzen 7 5800 laptop with integrated Radeon graphics and discrete nVidia graphics.
Is there an archive of previous installation images? I'm getting so many dkms module errors (bbswitch, Nvidia, etc). I'd be happy to use a 5.17 kernel or whichever Garuda "shipped" with before 5.18.
Thanks for any information!

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Unfortunately there is no archive of ISO images as it's a rolling release distro for one reason, there are probably others too.


Thanks FGD. That thought came to me as well, right after posting. Well, hopefully I'll see all of you in the future.

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Nope :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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One thing you could do would be to install the linux-lts kernel. If you can boot at least to a tty, that should be easy. If you can't boot at all, you could boot from your live USB, chroot into your installed system and install.


I agree with filo, another kernel is worth a shot. linux-lts will bring you all the way back to 5.15 I believe, or linux-mainline is another good kernel to try if you have newer hardware.

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Thanks @filo and @BluishHumility - the lts kernel was the way to go until this is fixed. I did see a temporary resolution and will try to implement it at some point but I just wanted to get Garuda installed and get to work on it.


@reallyclevername Plz stay consistent regarding the subject of your topic.

In the OP your only question is about where to find archives of Garuda ISO images. This has been outright answered and solved in Post #2.

However in the OP you also mention what your problem is (which isn't at all looking for ISO archives). This yields to solution in Post #5.

As it is now, the subject of the topic is irrelevant with the rest of the discussion and the solution pinned. This could confuse people searching and reading on the forum.

So I have modified the subject for you. :slight_smile:

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