Garuda Hyprland | NVidia 3070 - Can't login the liveiso

Hey Guys!

I just installed Garuda Hyprland on my laptop, realized that all the issues i had in the past are fixed now and read that with the newest NVidia drivers and the latest Hyprland patches, everything should work much better now.

I now wanted to install it on my Desktop PC with NVidia 3070 aswell. Now i am stuck in the login screen of the liveiso. After logging in with garuda as pw i get a black screen for a second and get thrown back immediately.

I do not get any errors while booting into the liveiso.

Logging in with open source drivers work just fine but i need the official drivers for CUDA support.

If i install it with open source drivers, how hassle-free is the installation of the official drivers afterwards? And are some specific NVidia fixes / workarounds needed for hyprland to function properly? Because officially the dkms modules have been integrated into hyprland afaik.

Please, search before posting.

Check the nvidia part. Best, you use Garuda KDE or something else :smiley:

I have searched and the issue i had wasn’t mentioned in the link you posted.

So i’ve installed it with opensource drivers and after a reboot i managed to install the nvidia drivers and now everything works…

However i can’t wake up the system after sleep; It will just show a black screen and i can’t even enter other ttys.

And hyprland-nvidia doesn’t exist anymore as the specific hyprland fixes have been integrated into the regular hyprland.

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