Garuda Hangs after a while


I am working through an issue that I am not sure what the root cause is. I have installed Garuda and everything is working very well except for when I return after the system has been sitting. It seems to be in a tight loop because the system is on, fans running, not responding to anything but a forced shutdown. These are some of my tests so far:

  • I manually tested suspend and hibernate and they work well.
  • I installed the KDE multimedia and GNOME versions with the same hang.
  • This machine runs fine with Debian 10 and Ubuntu. I retested Ubuntu and it is fine.
  • I updated the BIOS and retested both Garuda installations with the same result.

I don't know exactly what log file to look into but I suspect it is something to do with my system and the zen kernel. Just a guess.

Are there any thoughts on what to try next to figure this out? If it is meaningful, my motherboard is a supermicro C7Z170-m with a Radeon WX 5100 graphics card.

It's basically one log, systemd-journal. Use like this

journalctl -b -p3

Read the manual for more filtering options, so you can aim better to your case.

man journalctl

Archwiki is always the best place to start.


Got it. Thanks.

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