Garuda got frozen in Virtualbox while browsing with Firefox, any idea?

Hello I have 8GB RAM, 256 MB Video (max Virtualbox Limit)
HD 50GB Used only 16.1GB
4 Processors 3.4GHz
Only Running Firefox with 10 tabs open and a 32 MB Windows program running with Wine.
Garuda KDE Lite.
Alt+Tab is working, it is switching among applications but unable to click or run anything.

Virtualbox reports:
CPU Load Average: 22%
Free RAM: 5.66GB
Used RAM: 2.11GB
Total: 7.77GB

The host is working fine and it has 5GB free
Any Idea how to know why it froze?
Best regards

Did you update the system ?

It might happen when you update the system
you need to reboot
or virtualbox modules dont work.

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Thanks librewish, I did the last update a few days ago, not today