Garuda Glitched USB boot

I am trying to install Garuda Linux on a desktop PC with the nonfree drivers, but for whatever reason when I boot it from the USB it loads for a bit and then boots to a glitched screen or sometimes a pure black screen I believe this is due to the amdgpu’s. I tried the free drivers, but that just gets stuck on the loading screen.

Also whenever I try “Ctrl + Alt + F2” it ether freezes or goes to a empty black screen from which I can’t do anything...

Any help would be appreciated I looked around the forum, but haven’t found a solution that works...Thank you! :sweat_smile:

The Garuda version Is KDE Dragon the non gaming version

Edit ————-
Computer Specs
CPU: Intel i5
Graphics cards: Radeon 7870 Ghz Edition and Radeon 7870
Motherboard: z77 Extreme 3
Ram: Two sticks 8 GB of Patriot DDR 3’s

AMD GPUs have no "non-free" drivers, so you can't install those.

If you provide details about the system you're more likely to get purposeful support rather than a series of questions back.

See here for some examples:

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Btw, how did you make usb? And did you verify checksum?


How do I do that there was a verify on the boot media creator and I did do that.

Also I have used this usb stick before it worked fine for installing Garuda on my mac.

We are still waiting for your inxi :smiley:

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Thank you for this information I have now added specs to the post.

I’m sorry I’m kind of new...uhh whats an inxi? :sweat_smile:


and post as text.

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I can't get to a terminal or anywhere to run the inxi command, just the command line in the grub.

Ok, which version you try?
Maybe use other date or other DE.

Never heard of that, try other, balena etcher, dd from Mac, imagewritwer ...

Fast and secure boot disabled?
Win installed?

Also, you can use TTY1-7, most used is TTY3.

I am lost for ideas.


Thanks for the reply and the answers to your questions:
I used balena etcher (and verified the media using that), fast and secure boot are disabled, I have completely wiped windows of the PC there is ubuntu which only worked with "nomodeset" because of the amdgpu's I am trying to get on Garuda tho because I like it better and think it might be good for gaming.
I do not know what TTTY-7 and TTY3 are, but I'll look it up right now! Hope this helped...

Did verify and I used balena etcher.

The "glitched" screen sounds like a classic KMS issue.
You have to disable KMS with nomodeset in the kernel line.