Garuda gets hang when. Connect to wifi

Whenever iConnect Garuda from Wi-Fi MI mobile phone the screen get freeze and I had to do hard power off

My system specifications are:-
Wi-Fi card:- Realtek RTL111/8168/8411 PCI Express gigabit Ethernet
Vendor : Ho
Driver: r8169
V: kernel
Port :4000
Bus I'd : 0:2:00.0
Chip I'd : 10ec:8168
Device 2: Realtek Rtl 802.11ac PCI wireless network adapter

Please do not enter the same post twice (I saw the same in Garuda community).
I answer here because the category is more appropriate.
Actually, the other post included the Device 2 driver, which is important in this case.
I saw it is driver: rtw_8821ce the same as mine.
I just wanted to say that in my case it works when connecting the my mobile set as Hot Spot (and also in tethering).
I'm not able to help you here.
To help anyone who could support you, maybe you could enter more detailed system information, via
inxi -Faz
Please enter ~ 3 times before and after your text, for better formatting.


Please post your full inxi output as already requested.

I would also suggest installing at least 4 alternate kernels to see if there is any improvement with different kernels.


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