Garuda Gamer App

is it posible to replace xow with xone to the Garuda-Gamer app ?
The reason why i ask is that medusalix say on his github " This project is in maintenance mode - Upgrading to xone is highly recommended! "
u can read there GitHub - medusalix/xow: Linux driver for the Xbox One wireless dongle
the new one is here GitHub - medusalix/xone: Linux kernel driver for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S accessories
and its allready in Chaotic-Aur

1 chaotic-aur/xone-dkms 0.2-1 [99.12KiB 271.09KiB] [Installiert]
Modern Linux driver for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S controllers



Done :grin:
replaced xow with xone-dkms in Garuda gamer.


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