Garuda Game Assistant Unchecking When Applied

As the title implies, whenever I try to check something in the game assistant, let’s say PlayOnLinux, once I click apply, it just unchecks them. Any ideas as to what could be causing this and possible solutions? Obviously I can just install them manually but I’d still like to fix this regardless.

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Well it might happen if alacritty don't work on your hardware
You GPU might be ancient
Atleast Opengl 3 is needed for alacritty to work


I am having the same issue.

My laptop is a Dell M6700 with an I7-3740QM and Quadro M4000M GPU which supports OpenGL 4.5, so it isn't ancient.

UPDATE; After updating to latest mainline kernel, and newest GPU drivers, it seems to be working now.

I don't know who marked this as solved, but OPoster did not reply.
So, wait for confirmation. Not all systems are alike.

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