Garuda freezes on every first Start up

If your installed system is that mucked-up from mucking around with it, then I can agree that a fresh Garuda installation may be warranted. But the fact that Arch is a rolling release has no bearing on how your personal system got personally mucked-up, but here's a clue: Arch didn't do it.

Please don't take that personally; I have a bugaboo about placing blame where it properly belongs. Blaming big daddy Arch is popular but misguided. What "they" say about it is often incorrect. Don't be influenced by that crowd.

P. S. Love that nick. :wink:


Sorry for the late reply xdd.
I think it isnt Archs or Garuda fault either. I installed Garuda on a Laptop which had windows 10 and this mess of BIOS on it. And as you all know pre-manufactured things are not the best when you mod them. So I blame my manufacture xddd.