Garuda Enters in top 50 on Distrowatch

I'm sure that I added to the count but I'm downloading every ISO and testing all on them.


Manjaro was a pretty good distro/community until they hit #1. I'd be happy if Garuda just remains excellent without attracting the trolls and help vampires. Top 25 no problem, #1 no hurry.


You got that right, as soon as they became number one they became the target of every troll out there.

We don't need that by any means.


well , if you were a gujarati buisnessman , you would understand that there was no scam , it was just citi bank who made this trap for harshad mehat using sucheta dalal , and there has to be politics played until you are famous , once it comes to everyones sight , we will leave it and focus on development

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yeah , but what about those noobs who are rating down on distrowatch , those are worthless ratings , if they dont know how to install , than here is the community to help . so atleast if some of you dont want to play dirty games , we can vote down low voters ,


I agree there was no scam at all, but he couldn't have gone to prison if he had been more less arrogant. After he got money from a kind of trick, he should have used in better ways than buying cars and bungalow.
But we ain't here to discuss a web series here. There is a separate thread for it.

We are already in everyone's sight :wink:.

Let them do whatever they want. At least we can say that we don't get fake reviews. :joy:
Though we know who he is, and we know that he posted 1 rating 3 times.

He may forget his etiquettes but we shouldn't.

You can't give them rating below zero. And all 1 ratings are at 0 votes :wink:


That's just sad, tbh. If something is good, I don't get the reason why people will try to put it down. I mean, one of the good things with Linux is that there is a distro out there for every taste and/or need so it's a given, of course, that people will drift towards distros that fit their needs.

I know that trolls may do this for no particular reason whatsoever, but I also don't get why they'd do it since, yes, there is always the good old "I use 'x', therefore 'x' is better than 'y'." but in the end we're all striving to use and/or contribute to the distro that fits our need.
I don't mean that one shouldn't give an honest review, be it negative or positive, if you have gone in for trying something out with an open mind and if it isn't for you, fine, give it a negative review, but doing it just to be a proper asshole just proves that you are exactly a proper asshole, tbh.


Hooray! We are in top 50 now.
Thanks to all supporters and maintainers.


congrats looking forward to the next release :partying_face: