Garuda Dr460nized is the best Plasma experience on Nvidia

I've been using Plasma as a DE for 3 years, and in these 3 years I've used the same GPU, a 1650S and to tell you the truth, Plasma and Nvidia's experience is generally disgusting, and I don't blame Plasma, I blame Nvidia, they simply don't care about this.

But there is something about these latest versions of Garuda that make Plasma feel really polished, no more that disgusting feeling that when I put a window in 1/4 the animation gets buggy and it seems that I am in a VM with 1 CPU and 100MBs of RAM.

Thank you Garuda team, thank you for caring about Nvidia users and giving Plasma such a polished optimization.


I just upgraded to a AMD / ATI 6600 from a nVidia 1650 and even on the 1650 EVERYTHING just just moved smoothly.


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