Garuda Downloader - A zsync enabled delta downloader for Garuda Linux ISO files

As of right now, I have no choice. I also tested if it works correctly, and it does.


Kay I just installed downloaded Dr460nized and letting it update to Dr460nized-Gaming. Looks pretty good so far. Thanks for what seems to be a great app.


The mentioned link returns 404 error.
This link works


Fixed, thanks. I screwed this up when I set up again.


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It would be nice to know where it starts downloading by default. Maybe add an option to choose which mirror you download from in case one happens to be especially slow. In my case the peak download speed was only 2.5 of my 450mbit.

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Mirrors are automatically provided via FossHost's mirroring service, we have no control over which one of Fastly's servers you will go to and which underlying server you get sent to.


i download that file not opening

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if the file is in part then it will not open .first let the download complete then it will open if you want to make a bootable iso you can use etcher rufus ....

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I'm getting

Reading and/or parsing .zsync file failed!


i just used this tool to update and re-create my installer/backup usb stick and test the liveOS and it worked perfectly.

i synced my existing ISO file and after using the KDE partition manager to wipe and reformat the stick in fat32 i reflashed a new livestick no problem with the included version of balena-etcher.

new dragonized gamer version in the livestick took 2 mins to install nvidia drivers from it though, but i've never tried the open source ones and all that's irrelevant to this thread anyways =-)

thank you for an awesome tool!

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I used it to download a new version but it created just an unspecific name current.ISO so how do I know what .ISO it actually is ? I currently have 5 versions of Garruda ISOs in my folder and I would like to update those, but I do not know its correct name from current.iso !
I t spent 1.4 GB from August to now for a 2.3GB iso so it is preserving some download size but in my opinion not so great. Since I just found and tried out this tool this tool I might run it more often so the difference should be less big, next time.

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u can try this bzt / usbimager · GitLab instead of rufus....its a open source, uses less space and i tried it, It works :+1: :+1:


Can't seem to get this to work on Windows (haven't tried in Linux). Program opens, I select the edition from the list, click Download and it says Initializing then Idle immediately after. Nothing gets downloaded. :confused:

Edit: my VPN was apparently being blocked. Works fine, just much slower for me than torrent


Sometimes Garuda Linux download | is best for me. :slight_smile:


Updated garuda-downloader, it now has a log file in the folder the ISO files get stored in, so if I could get those when downloads don't work, that'd be great.
Also enhanced a few UX things a bit.
Etcher got replaced with Popsicle (like 16x smaller than Etcher and native instead of electron) and Rufus was updated to the latest version.


This is sweet. Thank you!

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