Garuda does not detect monitors after installation. Whats the fix?

I'd like to switch over to Garuda Linux... Before I do that, I've been testing it from a USB drive on my laptop. The problem is, Garuda does not detect my attached monitors (one is HDMI, another VGA). I do not have this issue when I tested Kubuntu, Zorin OS, and many other distros -- all monitors detected out of the box. The only reason I haven't given up and have not switched to any of those other distros is because I'm hoping I can still use Garuda vs the others, as I like it. It works perfectly otherwise on my laptop for the laptop screen, but fails to detect all other monitors.

My laptop is 1 year old - Intel i5 cpu, and both Intel and Nvidia GTX 1650 laptop GPU. It's been running Windows 11 and can run all other distros from USB Drive no issue. I updated the drivers in Garuda (using the download proprietary drivers option) and it still doesn't detect my monitors. I tried plugging and re-plugging my monitors, and none are detected.

Is there something else I need to adjust in settings?

Please follow the instructions contained in the help request template that you deleted when you created this support request. The template contains instructions on what information is required to obtain assistance on the Garuda forum.


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