Garuda does not boot from usb on acer laptop, but boots on hp laptop

Hello, yesterday I tried to boot Garuda Wayfire on my acer laptop.
I disabled secure boot set the sata to AHCI, saved the settings and opened the boot menu but the usb did not show in the menu
when I forced the computer to boot from usb the computer hanged and showed a blinking underscore at the top left of the screen.

I have tried to boot from different usbs, set uefi to legacy, but none of them have worked.

Then today I tried to boot garuda on my Hp laptop and the usb showed up on the boot menu and the OS booted without any errors.

My acer laptop has core i5, 8GB of ram and nvidia geforce graphics.


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Is there a fastboot to disable?


I disabled fast boot and it worked.

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