Garuda Deepin window effect not working, power button not working

Hey....after updating deepin desktop, it behaves abnormally. window effect not working, power button not working, i restarted laptop couple of time by forcely. After opening app it can't move. at last it is hard to use.

Well we cant do anything deepin is faulty by design

What you can do is restore previous snapshot

And wait until there is next update to see if its fixed

But this issue again shows that deepin is no longer viable desktop environment for any other distribution except deepin linux


how to downgrade linux-zen kernel? i think kernel is the main issue.

Restore snapshot

Downgrades are not supported.
Partial upgrades are not supported either.


how to restore snapshot?


No it's not the kernel's fault.

Deepin is broken right now on Arch and ARch-based distros. Probably other fast-rolling distros as well.

Check out the recent posts in this manjaro thread,

and also

Many issues: login manager eternal loop, desktop effects borked, window manager not working for gtk applications, etc etc

[ADDED] I have a Archdeepin real metal install, Archdeepin VM, and a Garuda Deepin Lite VM. All have issues.