Garuda can't see my drive, only the boot usb

So, i'm a newby and tried to install Garuda. First i tried it on a virtual PC and everything went good, but when i tried to install it on my laptop the installert said that there is not enought space and no partition to install. When i look at the available partitions i see my usb and 8 other 2gb big thing, but no ssd.
My laptop is an Acer aspire 5 A515-55G with i5 10th gen, mx350, 512 SSD and 16 gb RAM.
I did all the necesery preps before installing

why don't you post your inxi , even though they ask when you open a new topic?
Do you read

Post your




You will have to switch in bios from optane to ahci and that will fix your problem


Thank you guys for help, it fixed it

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