Garuda boot Options issues

I want to remove 5s waiting time when booting. But Garuda boot is not opening. Can I do it with terminal?
I also want to change the background image while booting? Is it possible?

Yes you can do it in a terminal window or the easy way is do it with garuda boot options


Yah . Thats knows as splash screen ( Plymoth ) . Go to settings , select Startup (*u will find full name of the settings) , there will be login splash screen & many .. choose from theme or download custom from button below.

For boot screen , go to Garuda Assistant (Red Colour) ==> Garud Boot Options ==> and then select theme like spinner , line bar, solar flare etc

Finaly click apply


@TilliDie but how can I do it?

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Thank you @nalisan007

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As @nalisan007 has put or goto etc/defaults/grub and alter there and make sure you update grub after

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Why don't you search on google? Or better Whoogle :slightly_smiling_face:


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