Garuda Barebones Changed My Opinion

Hello all,

My name is TheLamerLinux but I also go by Lamer as my online name. I've tried Garuda Plasma and Gnome and the past, really liked the Gnome but in my opinion Garuda was always bloated and didn't see the point of using Garuda because how bloated it was.

Then I listen to Destination Linux and their interview with one of the dev and he explain what is Garuda and why they made it, I really liked how he explain why they came up with Garuda. But my problem was it was bloated, I hate installing it and then remove the application it came with. Then I saw Barebones, I remember trying out Barebones in the past but I think I got a bad ISO because it always brought me the the CLI and this time it didn't.

I love the tools Garuda comes with and was worried that the Barebones will be an Arch installer like ISO, but after downloading and burning the ISO and using the live USB I was happy to see that it came with the tools.

I've used Endeavour for almost 2 months, end of this week would be my second month but after trying Garuda it stolen my love for Endeavour especially seeing my printer works better on Garuda than Endeavour.

So far Garuda is doing really good and hoping to it'll get better longer I use it :smiley:



Sure :wink:


I'm sure it's not, unless your parents are Linux enthusiasts :laughing:

Jokes apart,
Welcome to Garuda! :slightly_smiling_face:


:joy: thank you


Welcome! :wave:t4:


A sign that you are meant to use Garuda Linux :smiley:


I know, my printer in Arch works almost never. But other's it works perfectly. I'm a college student and it's always good to know that your printer works when you're needing to print out a homework assignment. Used to I'll have to download the HP printer service on my phone and use my phone to print out my homework and use a scanner app to scan my homework.

But Garuda works out of the box, I've tried others and so far Garuda works only one works.


Howdy Lamer. I am curious, what printer do you own that is so hard to get working under other Arch systems?

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Especially HP. I've always had good fortune with HP & Linux. Even cheap HP Multi-function devices.

You do need to setup CUPS & stuff, and you probably want to enable it in SystemD with Arch. Garuda has a swell script to do the 'harder' parts.

I've always envisioned Linux at some point doing what Garuda and other distribution developers are heading towards with its capabilities. I've always wanted Linux to get away from the command line, with graphical hardware and software automated solutions to ordinary setup, configuration and enabling. But still retain the openness of user-implementation of an editable vanilla setup. People respond better to pictures than words. :wink:

In other words, I like seeing distributions like Garuda actually help ordinary users to do the above in a graphical-type manner, yet still retain a certain level of user-configurability.

I mean, I love seeing and using the cool setup stuff. It's about time Linux quit fighting users to get common, necessary shit done.


every printer i've owned has worked on Arch But the one and only HP i ever owned was dyslexic in both Linux and Windows since then i run Epsom printers

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Well, Epson and Hewlett-Packard did set the standards in days gone bye.

Next time you have problems with an HP, let me know, buddy. :wink:


It will never happen HP are utter rubbish i use Epson eco tank printers as we do so much printing here


We do little printing, aside from rent receipts and, of course, my wife's recipe cards. But I do need my wee HP's scanner, so I can remember...well, shit, what was I trying to remember?

No wonder you're such a in the U.S. up is down and down is up. Some delusional folks are trying to convince everyone else of that, anyway. sigh

Oh yeah, Barebones. I'm running KDE Barebones at the moment. Wanted to see how my compy's new audio system sounded running presets under pulseaudio-equalizer-ladspa. And it sounds good, to my half-deaf ears.

It's Logitech. Now tell me all of the reasons Logitech isn't Klipsch or whatever. Not that I could afford high-dollar stuff or even distinguish the difference. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

And say hello to the wife and wee bairns for me. :smiley:


I used a logitech for a long time on the comp decent sound for the price