Garuda Assistant bug

Talking in the settings tab of garuda assistant.

When selecting ananicy or uresourced or irqbalance at a time it works perfectly but when selecting them all simultaneously it shows
error: target not found: irqbalance,ananicy-cpp,uresourced
(ofcourse this packages exist in repo because it is installing fine when selecting 1 at a time)

Also one thing whenever you select something and click "Apply", most of them are like installing or removing software which asks Y/n so when we select n (or no) and we press enter to exit, the check mark in assistant remain so it thinks that this thing is installed but actually it is not.


Thanks for reporting. I will take a look.


After thinking for a while.
I guess the problem is the assistant is installing "pacman -S irqbalance,ananicy-cpp,uresourced" however it should install "pacman -S irqbalance ananicy-cpp uresourced"


Yes, I know. It is being fixed right now.


Next time the package is released it should be fixed.


sorry @dalto , I did mentioned it on my "introducing thread" ( Greetings from new vm user - #5 by alexjp ), but I wasn't very clear.

thanks @broisthisfake

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Sorry, I didn't notice that. Unfortunately, I don't read every post on the site in detail. :wink:


of course ! it really was lazy of my part. ( but at the time i was just exploring "garuda stuff" left and right and forgot about it )

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