Garuda and RX 7900XTX

Hi! I recently was able to purchase a 7900XTX, however, I am having trouble getting Garuda to boot after installing it. I do have the required 6.0 Kernel and 22.2 version of Mesa, but after selecting Garuda in GRUB, the login screen never loads. Do you know what is missing and why it wont let me log in?

Thank you for your help!

Hi there, welcome to the forum.
It would be important to see your full system specs.
Boot to a tty, if you can, and give a

garuda-inxi  | tb

If you cannot boot to a tty, try to login from the live USB and chroot.
In the worst case, garuda-inxi from the live USB...


Hi and thank you!

Unfortunately, I cannot boot to a tty or a live USB to grab that info. My suspicion is that the amdgpu firmware files that were released on 12/13 have not made it to the garuda/arch repos yet and that is the missing piece preventing me from being able to boot. Basically, I get the loading arch.....and it just hangs there.

Do you know when the GC11.0.0, VCN 4.0.0, SMU 13.0.0, SDMA 6.0.0, PSP13.0.0 and DCN 3.2.0 firmware files will be updated in the linux-headers package for garuda? I can put my existing installation drive into another computer to download the updates if this is generally the cause.

You are right: The linux-zen-kernel for Arch was last updated 2022-12-10 and is still on 6.0.12. See here. So yeah, that might be the problem, since the most recent linux-zen-version is 6.0.13 (here).

You can either build a custom Arch-Linux-install-medium (I think with Garuda it'd get a little more tricky), but that's kinda tricky... or wait for the next arch-linux-install-medium (1st of January).

Is it an already existing installation? If yes, when linux-zen 6.0.13 gets released to the repos, try booting via an old GPU (if you have one) after it's released and update that way. If not I guess the only way is waiting for the next install-medium-release.

Hmm, did some more digging, this site claims that it works fine with 6.0.9. Strange...

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Okay, have checked further.

You'll need this: AUR (en) - linux-firmware-git

Running Linux 6.0+ and Mesa 22.2+ while having the necessary AMDGPU linux-firmware.git yielded a "it works" experience so smooth. link

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Hi! Thank you for your response. The kernel is actually new enough from what I have read (anything 6.0+ is ok), as is mesa 22.2+ (I checked this right before I pulled my old gpu), based on a Phoronix article, but it appears I didn't account for the amdgpu drivers, which had not hit linux-headers yet. I think once it hits, I should be ok, but I don't know how long that will be. It is an already existing installation (a year plus old), so my hope is that it hits soon and I can update.

Otherwise, there is apparently a way to manually install the amdgpu firmware files, but I cannot figure out how to do it succesfully...haha

I do have another computer I can put this drive in and try updating it from there, so that is my backup option for now, I just need the packages to update.

Forgive my newbie question, but how do I install the linux-firmware-git package? yay -S linux-firmware.git?

Edit: I installed it, will test it shortly with the 7900xtx.

So I installed the linux-firmware-git package to my garuda installation and moved my drive back to my main computer, but upon boot, it is stalling after selection with the following text on screen:

running early hook [udev]
running early hook [plymouth]

It just hangs there and doesn't go further.

Keep in mind, it works fine on my 2nd computer and I can boot into garuda without issue.

Okay. I have found this thread, maybe that'll help.

In general they recommend installing the AMDGPU-pro-driver-set. The installationprocess is described here.


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