Gaming + i3WM editions

Is it possible to activate and use i3WM in Gaming edition?
And how if possible?

Install it:

pacman -S i3-wm


dr460nized-gaming = KDE work together with i3wm?

Just use Kröhnkite or or the built-in window divider.

The prudent thing is to try :smiley:

Safe your Data on external drives.

If everything failed use last working snapshot. Be sure you have some snapshots.


Thanks, I did. But nothing changed. Do I need to activate it somehow?

Read this:

The example is for BSPWM but you can adapt it to i3-wm easily.

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I'm newbie so I didn't understand much, but thanks anyway.

If you are a newbie, why do you want to jump to wm? You should know that wm takes a lot of time to get into workflow, especially for noobs.

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what is wm?

Windows Manager.

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So, you do not know what it is, but you want to install on top of KDE?

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I would like to close this because it does not solve any problems, but creates some unnecessarily.
Please read up on the subject,



For those reading this question as a newbie I will add my standard answer.

If you have to ask this question, it's probably something you shouldn't do.