Gaming assistant etc on the gnome version?

hi, i'm not necessarily new to linux however i have some questions—i love garuda, and the KDE version looks cool but gnome is where my heart is at. i was wondering if stuff like the gaming assistant (not sure of the actual name? but the GUI that allowed you to pick and choose what game emulators/software you wanted) was available for the gnome version as well, natively. i'm sure i can get it myself but wanted to see if it was available by default or not or rather if some of the gaming features are available for gnome by default or if i need to figure that out myself. sorry if i wasn't clear. thanks

I haven't used the Gnome edition, but I am fairly sure it will have all the same "Garuda" tools, such as "Garuda Assistant" and "Garuda Gamer."

Although the team doesn't maintain the same desktop philosophies between versions, the tools and the core of the OS(BTRFS, Timeshift for example) remain the same


Name is Garuda Gamer
and it is available by default in Gnome and other distros
and if not, you can download in pamac "garuda-gamer-git"


There's a very easy way to find out: try the live installer environment.


Can confirm garuda gamer is in GNOME.

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