Games don't launch when launched from steam

When I try to launch any game from steam the popup with "Launching game" appears and steam says "running" but the game doesn't start. I tried both native version and proton. For native games I am able to run them if I launch them directly from the executable.

inxi -Faz output: PrivateBin

Steam output: PrivateBin

From what I can tell from the Steam output, it looks like its trying to run Proton GE that is missing files. I am guessing it was a older forced setting before Proton GE updated to GE-2.

Try force running Brawlhalla in Proton 6.3-7 if you haven't already.

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Something else to keep in mind is that Proton GE 6.15 introduced changes to the prefix directory structure - older prefixes won't work without manual intervention.