Further issues with the ISO

As the former testing thread for the new ISO was closed, here some other things I noticed:

We have two global menu in, that also counts for the may ISO.


That one called “Global Menu” has fewer options in the settings menu, so I suggest removing that.

Then, setting panels to “windows can cover” does not bring them forward, when certain apps lay over them. I can reproduce this reliably with Kate.

So, in order to reproduce:

Set the panel to “windows can cover” and then open Kate.
It is not coming up, if I hover over the area, where it’s hiding.

It does work with Firedragon, as an example.

I am unsure if this is Garuda or purely Wayland-related.
Probably the latter, so forgive me in this case.

I am sleepy and just want to leave this here, so I can report it tomorrow at the KDE bugzilla.
You might still be able to contribute, so I could mention this.

I also found a weird bug, when adding an external monitor, but this was solved by the universal bug-fixing toolkit, called the holy reboot. :smiley:

Anything related to the behavior of the Plasma Panels is not Garuda. Since there are many upgrades to the Panel in Plasma 6, I wouldn’t be surprised this issue would be included.

As for the Global Menu, I don’t believe this is something Garuda added. It’s not in the Dra460nized’s PKGBUILD, nor in the ISO Profile config files.

Booting KaOS Plasma 6 DEV ISO, I can find it right there :smiley:

Which means it’s part of the default Plasma widgets.


Correct. I confused the two, since I assumed the more feature rich being the merged one.
But its actually the Window AppMenu one, that happens to be unmaintained.

So, is there a good reason to keep that one in?

Yes there is, as long as it still works without loosing features or causing bugs we plan on keeping it, as based on past data it seemed to be the one overall more compatible with all kinds of setups and I think it has 1-2 features that the other doesn’t, I can’t recall, dr460nfire might remember more on this one.

With Plasma 6, in my mind every clock is reset to 0 in terms of widget, theming, etc. So until all tests are done in the next months I don’t know what will happen with those 2 concurrent widgets.


Those are the issues I found until:


I really shouldn’t file bug reports when I am sleepy, they tend to get sloppy :smiley:

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Hopefully they will check it out soon.

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