Full system upgrade replace packages?

Hello there,
It would be super cool if anybody could just quickly tell me what action is ok :slight_smile:
I freshly installed Garuda and I want to do the upgrade.

It asks me to replace libappletdecoration with community/plasma5-applets-window-buttons

As far as I am concerned, I think this will break the garuda applet decoration?

Please help me out if I should choose Y or N and also for all following packet replacements.

Thank you!

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As far I know plasma is the one you want. In most of cases ,you can approve for replace as it would generally replace deapreciated or no longer supported or buggy modules which will be done by comparison in Arch Repo ( software collection , moreover garuda developers also ).

So Yes.

Full system upgrade updates all packages In your system.

Reinstall all packages do as the name suggest.

In Garuda Assistant below you can see

Apply New-Config / Reset to default

If u messed up , above will be usefull in some cases

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Thank you so much!
Sometimes the N was big, should I just press enter all the time and choose the recommended or always yes?

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Dont consider Upper Case or Lower Case :grin:

I would always
Type y
Press Enter

It's update. So yes. Exception are some cases like recently updating to PacMan 6 made Add/ Remove Software GUI unopenable . So users who know this recommend others to not update.

In rest 99% you should .If it is clashing or may be a potential error casue ,it will notify (read the lines while updating or installing or uninstalling - will be usefull in future for troubleshooting)

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Thank you very much.
The problem was N was suggested and suddenly hundrets of packets were listed because of a conflict...

Oh man, after I reran the setup assistant and tried always just using the recommended it aborted because of a conflict again

I really do know linux but I just want to be extra careful, because I know how simple updates can destroy your whole system

Welcome to * LINUX *

If you have any issue or doubt , be free to post here but with details. Like output of the terminal


systemd-analyze blame

Your spec :

inxi -Faz

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Type y can be saved
Press Enter is already a confirmation. :wink:

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Expect the Unexpected :joy:

Who knows what will happen if our time is decided to be gone irritated. In my experience :relieved:
. when starting learning newly all were mess .

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I am sorry I can not keep up now.
You say I should always say yes to replace all packages
It then results in many conflicts
When I choose the recommended
It results in an abort

This should not happen right? It's a completely fresh installation

What did others do? Just ignore the abort?
Or is my mirror outdated or trying to mess up with Garudas ecosystem of packages?

I can not know what is custom to Garuda and what replacement will break everything

I would love to get some clear instruction of what is the official intended way

Also I am using Garuda KDE dr460nized

I am sorry for all the hassle.

Just pressed Y everywhere, I misread something and thought it's gonna remove everything...

Flashbacks from old distros came up altering my perception of reality, causing fear of again destroying everything because of one simple dependency

Thank you very much guys!

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