Frozen Login Screen

I have recently installed Garuda Ultimate Gaming edition. I spent the night customizing the theme and Latte to my liking. I have rebooted the system and once the login screen loads I cannot select the password input to enter my password, select a different user, or click on any of the power options. Could this issue be tied to one of the customization options that I listed above or something completely different?

It depends, if you have changed SDDM theme, then it may relate.

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Since everybody downloaded test versions from server, give us your inxi
and name of ISO.




hast du probiert in der zeit zurĂĽck zu gehen
vielleicht bringt es dir jaein funktionsfähiges system zurück
bitte nutze timeshift
leider kann ich das problem nicht nachstellen weil es zu spezifisch ist

have you tried going back in time
maybe it will bring you back a working system
please use timeshift
unfortunately i can't recreate the problem because it's too specific

und sei herzlich willkommen
be welcome


iso: Garuda-kde-ultimate-linux-tkg-bmq-201205

After trying to restore using time shift, I noticed that my system and hardware clock was off. I am going to go back through the install process and make note of what I change.

Below is a screenshot of the file that was downloaded.


Can you fix (edit your post?), please. :slight_smile:
201120 or 201105 or xxyyzz

Sorry about that. I have updated the post and included an image of the iso that I downloaded.

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If you not post your inxi maybe you can use your last working snapshot?

And try to answer every question.

More info result in more help :slight_smile:


I didn't update the SDDM theme and I tried my last working (I only had one snapshot) and it had the same issue.

I reinstalled and set it to auto login and so far so good.

Sorry for the delay, work got hectic.

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