Frozen at boot - Loading initial ramdisk

I used etcher and had no issues with it booting or installing. I'm going to try the removing quiet and splash first but if this continues I may try this.

Ok, sorry, I misunderstood. For some reason I thought you said you were having issues booting from iso.

Ok, I think I get it I'm going to do it now and get right back to you.

I forgot to mention to press ctrl-X to boot after you edit the kernel line, in case you didn't know.

I didn't know but I figured it out. Here's a pic of where it froze I am at a terminal screen and able to log in after I pressed alt+f5

Were you able to press ALT-F5 and get a tty?

EDIT: sorry I didn't notice that you already said you could.

Yes. Sitting at a command prompt

Well that's good!

sudo pacman -Sy xf86-video-fbdev
sudo systemctl restart display-manager.service

We will get to your swap issue after.

Also what is the output of lsmod | grep -i nvidia and lsmod | grep -i nouveau
And please list output of lspci -v | grep -A1 -e VGA -e 3D

You should see something like this:

[email protected] ~# lsmod | grep -i nvidia
nvidia_uvm           1024000  0
nvidia_drm             57344  2
nvidia_modeset       1228800  3 nvidia_drm
nvidia              34045952  85 nvidia_uvm,nvidia_modeset
drm_kms_helper        225280  1 nvidia_drm
drm                   565248  5 drm_kms_helper,nvidia_drm
[email protected] ~# lsmod | grep -i nouveau
[email protected] ~ [0|1]# lspci -v | grep -A1 -e VGA -e 3D
01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: NVIDIA Corporation GM200 [GeForce GTX 980 Ti] (rev a1) (prog-if 00 [VGA controller])         Subsystem: Micro-Star International Co., Ltd. [MSI] GM200 [GeForce GTX 980 Ti]
[email protected] ~#
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As long as no one replies to your first post, you can edit it.
It's unnecessary to repost every few minutes.
Thank you :slight_smile:


I'm not online yet so I just get a screen of commands that start with error in red.

Should I continue on to the systemctl command?

What is the output of:
lsmod | grep -i nvidia
lsmod | grep -i nouveau
lspci -v | grep -A1 -e VGA -e 3D

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Let me know if you can't read that

Start reading the wiki "Reporting bugs"
Please, again, no pictures from terminal output.

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How am I supposed to transmit it if I can't get online with it?

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I don't know what you want me to do at this point. I'm really trying.

Looks like you have Nvidia Optimus.

I have to step away for a while but I will leave you with these guides so you can read up on it. This is going to take some effort I think if you want to get Garuda to work, as it doesn't seem to support Optimus out of the box like PoP?

I suggest reading each guide as there are multiple solutions for you to choose.

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Thank you !

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