Fresh install + update breaks install

Hello, I'm having a bit of an odd issue here.

After installing Garuda on my desktop and updating via setup assistant, my install is quite broken. It will boot into the DE just fine, and context options are snappy and responsive, but no applications launch via any method.

Cannot launch terminal from shortcuts, menu options, nor icons, and cannot access TTY. Well, rather, I can swap to the TTY screens, and get the login prompt as usual, but as soon as I login as any user (including root) it hangs and does not ask for a password. Sorry for no logs, but I don't have a terminal to print anything.

The first thing I tried was to chroot in from the live environment and remove the ./config to see if it was corrupted as others have done on the forum, but that did not resolve my issue.

Bios settings are correct, Fast boot and secure boot are both disabled.
Hardware relatively recent enough:
CPU: intel i7-6850k (no iGPU on that model)
GPU: nVidia 1080ti.
RAM: 32GB DDR4 2400, listed as supported on my vendor's QVL.

using noveau drivers
Only edits to grub are mitigations=off (selected via gui in Garuda Boot Options, and the issue persists after removing that as well)

If there's any forum post or wiki articles I missed, thanks in advance for pointing me in the right way.

EDIT: Install method was via the Garuda Downloader tool in an existing Garuda installation on my laptop. Checksum was fine. Had to use the NOMODESET option for live install to work.

Going to be tough without any information. I would chroot into your install from the live ISO and look at the logs that way.

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Ahh, perfect, I don't know why that didn't occur to me >.>
I'll update the post in a bit, desperately needing some caffeine. Thanks for the quick reply

Ok, it looks like for some odd reason some optimus stuff got mixed in there, despite my system only having one GPU (no iGPU). removing that seems to have resolved the issue.

I swear, if I had a time-machine, I'd go back to when I built the dang thing and buy hardware from more open-source friendly vendors...