Freeze login screen

Hi. I recently installed Garuda KDE Dr460nized. At the beginning everything went well. I installed my favorite softwares, surfed the web etc... But after installing i3 (I think) I can't get past the login screen. It freezes as soon as I enter my password and press enter. This is what it looks like:

Do you have an idea of how to solve the problem ?

Firstly, why did you install i3 at all?
Secondly, how did you install?
Third, log into tty and share output as text of

inxi -Fxxxza && !history 

The other option would be to restore a working snapshot and then make a note of exactly what you change in case it breaks again.


This is exactly why I tell new Garuda users over and over again not to install multiple desktops or DE's with Garuda.

This is simply a support black hole. If you are unable to roll back your system to a good working state then reinstall.

Garuda does not come with multiple desktops or WM's installed. If you do this, then you are the author of your own misfortune. You broke it, you fix it.

I will not allow our limited support resources to be wasted chasing user induced bugs.

This is not a Garuda issue.

Case closed, thread locked.

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