FPS indicator in games (KDE Gaming Edition)


I've recently dipped my toes into Garuda and found it rather nice, so much that I am currently working seeing how my current Linux experience transfers to Garuda.

The one issue that I cannot find an answer has to do with the custom-looking CPU, DXVK, and FPS monitor that appears in the upper left hand of my screen when running games (I've only tested Steam for the moment). How would I go about turning that on and off?

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Do you mean the Gallium HUD?

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Eh, I am not sure. After looking at the link what I am seeing kind of looks like it, but what I am seeing looks quite a bit neater. It shows a box with CPU (expressed as a percentage) and FPS (though it says DXVK) and a little heartbeat line underneath. It doesn't appear in separate cells like the pics on the link. I cannot post pics because I am too new. Sorry!

All that being said, I do see "wine-nine" installed, but when I run the command, "GALLIUM_HUD="help" glxgears" it just shows the gears without any expected HUD. Not sure if it is supposed to do that. Sorry again, I have no experience with this software.

EDIT: After some playing around I can see that this only appears when launching Steam games with Proton. I only have a few Native games installed at the moment (one Steam and several through Garuda) that do not display the indicator. Perhaps this is only a Vulkan thing?

its GOverlay (mango hud) with right_shift +F12 u can hide it .. u can also configure it how u like wenn u start GOverlay . https://github.com/benjamimgois/goverlay


That's it! Thank you so much!

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