FOSS alternative to Facebook's VR metaverse - Vircadia

I don't think that anybody here likes Facebook. And after recent leaks of internal documents suggesting that Facebook and Google want to literally rule the Internet together, as well as another court from privacy advocates, their announcement of a new metaverse that can obviously be used for surveillance sounds rather spooky.
But, there is always another option. I present to you Vircadia - a completely FOSS solution for metaverse interaction. It's self-hostable, scriptable, cross-platform, and completely free. They're pretty active on their Discord (yeah, I know, I don't like it either) and really need some public attention right now since nobody wants to live in a world where your work from home is controlled by Facebook, am I right?


btw, you can use it without the VR headset, only your PC required. Android support coming soon, but no luck yet

Btw, when I saw concept of metaverse, this video immediately came to my mind. Years ago, one of my friends showed me this. It was hard to find it again, but here it is.

It is worth watching.


Yeah I felt the same way, by remembering some bad quality russian cyberpunk literature. Although this piece of artwork is pretty good. I would hire this animator if I had the money to do so.