Forum avatar & notification issues

Hi there

What are the specs (dimension & format) for the avatar of our choice ? I tried to load an avatar from my pc but your app freezes on 0% uploading.

Why I never get an email notification when somebody reply on my thread ? even when I allowed it in the preferences.

Best regrads

Your new logo I set is 1280x1280 pixel with 64,8 KiB.

IDK, let me see. :slight_smile:

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I tried to upload a
1- 131 x 131 px .gif
2- 240 x 204 px .png

logo to NO avail : jammed at 0% upload !

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I have my setting set as "Only when away" for picture 1 item 1 & 2 and
for picture 2 as "Always" for all items...

and NO email notifications (not in spam folder) !?

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No gif
Sorry, the file you are trying to upload is not authorized (authorized extensions: jpg, jpeg, png, heic, heif, webp).

Post here. How many Bytes?

Until nobody answers your post, edit the old one.

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240 X 240 px .png 101K

Sorry, I mean the avatar, if possible for you.

Error message : Sorry, new users can not upload images.

This may be why I can't upload my logo !

Not for the avatar, but try again please.

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Still jamed. Can you set it please ? HERE it is (4 days to grab).

Many Thanks.
best regards,

Done :slight_smile:
I use a "better" one.


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:bouquet: :pray: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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