Force removing Wireplumber for pipewire-media-session: Will things break?

Hi. Quick insight question.

I recently replaced wireplumber with pipewire-media-session. Reason being there is no obvious way to set 'alsa headroom' in wireplumber. My installation has crackling issues in the microphone, and multiple comments in similar issues point towards changing the headroom to a certain value. This worked for me after installing pipewire-media-session in place of wireplumber.

My question is: in a fresh installation of Garuda Linux (KDE Dr460nized), does removing wireplumber really break anything that depends on it? I know some packages 'depend' on it since the dependent packages was shown in the removal process. But I'd like to know if there really are packages installed by default that will break in the absence of wireplumber.

Does that include this:


If this doesn't work then it needs a bug reporting against wireplumber.


Yes, I had a problem that required me to do this (specifically audio crackling).

My previous issue is not that the solution didn't work for me, but rather I couldn't do the solution since the absence of pipewire-media-session meant the absence of the alsa-monitor.conf that I needed to change. Maybe I'll open a bug report to indicate the lack of way to change the headroom.

I currently have pipewire-media-session instead of wireplumber with the configuration mentioned above, and the crackling is gone. I was just wondering if there are packages that have 'hard dependencies' to wireplumber that may cause things to break.

Ah, the configuration is different. It's in /usr/share/wireplumber/main.lua.d/50-alsa-config.lua instead:

--["api.alsa.headroom"]      = 0,

(copy and edit in the same way as for other PipeWire config files).


Ahh I see. I'm assuming I copy it in a different folder other than ~/.config/pipewire?

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