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I'm not so new to Garuda (using it for at least 2 years without the need to reinstall, I think) , and I also added Flatpak Support to pamac/Discover, works as intended I would say, wich leads me to question, why issn't flatpak for example not supported by default? Is there a special reason, or is it just bc. you don't want questions about the apps there. On the other hand, I understood flatpak as a somewhat "better" way to distribute apps on Linux, for that you have just to build it and pack the nessessary runtimes/libs into a container. When I understood that right, it means it's more likely to run anywhere, where flatpak works. Only con I found was, that due to the packaging of libs etc, you have a greater packet to download, but besides that, what are the reasons? I even got some apps to run even better as flatpak... Spotify for example runs really good on flatpak, where as I run into problems with the other version from the default repos. Bigget issue was the old version, I think.

And this is just for understanding it for me better.
I really love Garuda, even if I have the feeling it's not the easiest distro to beginn with, it teached me a lot on my journey to fix things etc.

Which Arch-based distributions ship with Flatpak installed by default? I am always left with the impression that most Arch users prefer binaries and not the overhead of yet another package management system.

However–a typical Arch KDE installation, either plasma or plasma-meta, does include Flatpak by default.

You can very easily install Flatpak in KDE, just $ pacman -S flatpak flatpak-kcm. Same with Snapd or Appimage.

You don’t need to let a developer’s design stand in your way.


thx for the insight. I already have flatpack and appimage support enabled on my installation.

I just wanted to understand the reason, because it was kinda praised on some Linux related YouTube Channels (Chris Titus Tech, Linux Experiment, Distro Tube) and I think they have some points here and there.

BTW this was a Reason for me to go to arch in the first place, because you can nearly get everything u want. if not in the main repo, then in the AUR... and together with flatpak (wich I use for just some of my apps. mostly spotify and beekeeper studio).

So thanks for the help. I wish you a great day :slight_smile:

I generally stay away from them for various reasons, but there can be certain benefits. I note EasyEffects, an audio effects package, has Flatpak recommendations, plus there are also many games available.

Way back when I was running Red Hat I would have killed for the convenience of Flatpak. :wink:

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