Flameshot can't save

FLameThrower provided in Gardua KDE Dragonized version is cool

But recently, I don't know when, it stop being able to " SAVE PICT IN THE PICT Folder". I tried changing it's default saving location.

I can take screenshot and paste it, but it I try to save the pict from the tool, FT says it was unable to save the pict to the Screenshot folder.

It's not the end of the world but, if someone have this issue ans was able to fix it, I would appreciate to get the solution as I use it a lot.

You mean flameshot?

It is flameshot bug, refer to

And other issues on flameshot repo.


LOL LOL LOL sorry for the name mistake LOL :smiley:
Tks for the reply

Flame Thrower? What's that, a front end for "rm -rf" ?


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :joy:
My bad...sory for renaming it.... I am probably too much into Tesla (they once produced one :fire: :fire: :fire:..)

I think it would be a great name for some application, for sure. :wink:


Flamethrower! When windows dual boots kills your linux kill windows with fire! Solves all dual boot issues with the click of a button!


I'd also think Uncivil Wars would be an appropriate name, too.

You could create a Windows version, too, so you could watch the two battle it out for control of your desktop!

Heck, I'd dual-boot just for free tickets to watch. :wink:


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