Fish term shell to load

After updating my system, fish shell has broken please help.
Error message :
~ fish: Could not set up terminal.
~ fish: TERM environment variable set to 'gnome-terminal'.
~ fish: Check that this terminal type is supported on this system.
~ fish: Using fallback terminal type 'ansi'.



please no picture from terminal output.


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Unfortunately I have the same problem here. Given that Mousam has reported a bug, I guess I'll just wait it out until the next iso is released. It is truly annoying.

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Mhm, can you please try editing ~/.profile

export TERM=gnome-terminal


export TERM=alacritty

Hi, I tried your suggestion and it appears to be working. I'm not familiar with the fish shell so it's hard to tell if all the features are working but all in all, everything seems OK. Thank you very much, your help is genuinely greatly appreciated.

It was actually me changing that one when doing changes lately. Thanks for bringing this to my attention, already fixed at GitLab :grin:

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Lol! All's fair in love in and war! ; )

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