First time User issues, permissions and Afterimages

Ive installed Garuda KDE Dragonized Gaming edition, I am having issues with setting up my steam library I have created a partition on a separate drive for my game library but steam dose not see it as writable. Now I have not used linux that much since the early 2000's so I might have an error in my fstab but if I do I am not seeing it.

UUID=b074527f-98da-4855-b283-9a3768e566b7   /media/games     btrfs   rw,users,exec,auto                                            0 0

As well as that, when I close applications they close but they leave an after image frozen on the screen of the application and I have no idea why this would happen, I am running the updated NVIDIA drivers with an rtx 2060, the only thing that seems to get rid of the after images is to kill X and restart it any advice would be great.

I am a content creator and I want to try and produce my YT and Twitch content on linux for a month to see how it goes so far ive done nothing but tinker over the past few days trying to get things to work correctly so any help on either of these issues would be greatly appreciated

I have never seen such mount options for BtrFS. Before adding an entry you should make sure it works with sudo mount -t <filesystem type> -o <mount options> </dev/...> <mount point>. See Btrfs MOUNT OPTIONS or man 5 btrfs for supported options.

Make sure the user account has the right permissions for that drive. By default, when you create a BtrFS (or any Linux-based filesystem) partition, the owner is root. You should chown that first if needed (in Dr460nized edition it is as easy as right-clicking inside the folder and owning).


Thanks Ill take a look at the BtrFS i just used the same options i normally do for ext4 and thats always worked for me didnt even occur to me that BtrFS might use different options never heard of it until installing Garuda

ok so the steam folder is solved, turns out all i needed to do is make my user the owner.

Now any ideas on the after image thing, its very odd I am running 3 monitors one of which is a different resolution then the other 2 Probably should have mentioned that in the OP but didn't think of it

defaults,noatime,space_cache,autodefrag,compress=zstd 0 2

Is what I use on a HDD. Or...

defaults,noatime,space_cache,autodefrag,compress=zstd,ssd 0 2

...on a SSD.


Do not mix different problems in one topic.
Use forum search or arch linux wiki "xrandr" before you post a new topic.
Multi monitor solutions there are well explained.

If something in particular is unclear, post your inxi -Faz as text as indicated in the template and describe what you have already done to solve the problem.



Thanks Ill do a search for xrandr, not sure what that is so wouldn't have know to search for it
for now I just disabled my odd resolution monitor and i haven't had the afterimage/ ghost problem since not a big deal all that monitor is used for is discord anyway.

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