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I have been using Linux on and off for some time now But this is the first time for Garuda Linux,
I have installed Garuda Linux for the second time as the first was a complete disaster trying to get games top work mainly app games to work without black screen or flickering so I used the last install for a bit of a learning curve using Garuda Linux I added the above address from paste bin in the hopes tat some one could point out if there is some thing here to be changed to help with screen flickering throughout gaming on Steam running native, running through
Lutris, (Diablo 2 Resurrected) Diablo 3 ROS and Diablo Immortal .

As I was looking for things that I could change I come across the Firmware security (paste above)
and saw all the red warnings wondering is this normal or not for my system build (paste above) if not what do I do to change this as I am only a novice at this computer stuff it is quite daunting to see all this code been thrown about like it is second nature to everyone and half the time have no idea of whats being said although I love a good challenge and am really enjoying Garuda Linux and have decided to make this my new everyday system.

Now as stated here in the paste bin above I have changed bios to UEFI but still have the warning.
Please if you require more information I will find what you require and paste bin it.
Or even to expand on what I have relayed in this message.

Oh and some way to get rid of Nextcloud it is driving me nuts I tried the konsole terminal way but fudge it up and had to reinstall Garuda Linux to fix a mountain of problems that I cause buy using the code given again daunting. So some easy step by steps in terms a novice like me could understand.

Nothing unusual or bad. Everything seems good and normal to me.

Thanks for looking so nothing that would indicate the flickering problems with gaming and freezing of YouTube videos or any videos running.

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  1. Please post the full output of your garuda-inxi here in the forum, and not externally on PrivateBin.

  2. You have an nvidia gpu and are using Wayland:

Graphics Platform: Wayland
Graphics Processor: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti

This is not a good idea. Try using x11 as the standard session and check if the flickering issues are resolved: Login screen → button bottom left → switch from plasma-wayland to plasma-x11 and login.

Disable hardware acceleration in your browser settings and check if this resolves the issue of freezing YouTube videos.

Never enter any commands in the terminal that you find on any internet sites and you don’t know what they do.
The correct command in arch/archbased distros to remove nextcloud is:

sudo pacman -R nextcloud

or for the nextcloud-client:

sudo pacman -R nextcloud-client

Information about pacman, the package manager of arch, can be found here:

To install and remove packages you can alternatively use pacseek (tui-frontend for pacman) or octopi (gui-frontend for pacman).

Full system updates always via terminal:


Most important thing like @nepti said:

Do not run any random ass commands in the terminal . Or else you will insanely bork your system.

For a list of commands for installation/uninstallation, run:

man pacman

Or if you want a more simple layout for the few key commands tldr pacman

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This resolved the issue thank you,
I also did this for steam but now I have to have steam on for Lutris games to run better don’t ask I have no idea how that is it just worked.

Thank you that will come in handy. I have used Ubuntu before but this is very different.

All you need :slight_smile:


No why would I go backwards. I’ll just put a hammer to the GPU I got and go buy one that works with the system maybe RX6600 or RX6700 something that wont bottle neck my CPU.

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Don’t moan for long, just make short work of it - that’s what I love :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I like your style :+1:

btw: remember that your current power supply must have enough power for an RX6700.

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