Firewall slowing upload speed on qbitorrent

Hello, I have a problem when enabling my firewall on KDE. What happens is that whenever I enable it almost all trackers get "error". I don't know how to fix it and I have already added rules "allowing" incoming and outgoing to qbitorrent. Is there anything that I can do ? this only happens when seeding.

Which one?


Post your garuda-inxi, please

Did you search about?


After trying a lot of things I simply reinstalled the system (The problem was probably because of me playing with configurations, I'm new to this so I sometimes move things that I should not without knowing)
I was using the default firewall application that is in Garuda KDE Dr460nized, in "System settings, firewall" I think is "ufw"

Now after reinstalling I have not added any rules yet.

I searched about it during three hours maybe, but after not finding nothing very similar I just noticed that the problem was because I used a lot of configurations to block trackers, increase privacy a LOT so, probably that was the problem.

The main problem before reinstalling the system was that more than 70% of trackers in QBittorrent were not able to connect or to be found.

Sorry if my english is not well written :c