FireDragon Librewolf fork 🐉

Its possible that this is related to Librewolf changes - the addon item in the menu doesnt open the addon store either. If you take a look at what settings are actually changed that makes sense though, a lot of Mozilla URLs are substituted by nothing :eyes: (and is to be expected if using Librewolf and this fork)
Fix: create a bookmark for the addon store and save time because it just needs "add" to be typed into the adress bar + down to load the store :grin:


Really awesome that you added Tabliss by default. Plain white background in the dark theme was always annoying me in Firefox (and Librewolf) but now it's cool!

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UC update please...?

Done btw :wink:


One more request - Spotify Update...

In fact that is done already, am I missing something? :smiley:

(btw, most of our packages are updating hourly just some bigger ones such as Firefox & Chromium based stuff are sometimes not building each day if the Kitsuna cluster is down for maintenance)


You must be joking. of course not.

Request: Use XDG base user directory instead of ~/.firedragon?

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I doubt itll be easy to implement, from what Ive know its just possible to easily change the name of the config directory - not the path itself. But Ill have a look.
I actually thought about something. Rather than having only a Nightly build, what about a stable FireDragon? Its actually bugging me a lot that the appmenu patch is not available on Nightlies - building off stable would mean the appmenu patch could be used (making it a good fit as default browser for dr460nized editions as well as its not Nightly) :eyes:
The Proton UI rework is also coming to stable slowly but surely, tabs are implemented already for example :smiley:



You can press alt to get the apmenu. but I change desktops often so I only use appmenu sometimes.

This would be awesome, then it could be the default browser for the Dragonized editions.


Wow, it's already here: AUR (en) - firedragon-stable! :smiley:
Should I switch to it now or wait?

For now, wait. The PKGBUILD doesnt compile correctly yet, need to find out why first :eyes:

Update: Its ready to be used, now with appmenu patch to fit dr460nized even better :slight_smile: !
Screenshot_About FireDragon_1


In our repo and


on AUR.


Could you guys setup those extension and bookmarks which comes with librewolf :wink:

Manjaro KDE + Chaotic-AUR + FireDragon - on a virtual box!

Works great as long as not too many tabs... :sweat_smile:


Any idea why html5 games are not working? I have disabled every extension and still not running... Also even though I setup keep browser session, it starts fresh. Any chance that I can have my 3-4 pages always come up?

It's a security feature, not a bug.


Hmm my session restore works. You might need to set "remember history" and uncheck "clear history when FireDragon closes" options. Not sure about html5, it's working fine for me.


They might require some functionality which is prohibited by the privacy about:config values.


Dear FireDragon Team,

can you fix the user agent ? Getting old browser notifications is annoying.