Firedragon home page in light themes

Firedragon is awesome (as its parent, librewolf) and the garuda services are too.

Though, if one uses firedragon with a light or system theme, the homepage looks like this:

this is due to this css property:

Can it be changed? or its something that is outside control?

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This is in private browsing mode? The default new tab page is just blank iirc. Private browsing looks like this for me, with purple background no matter what the gtk theme is:

Although this is in my 2nd laptop, technically not Garuda. I'll check what it looks like in KDE git tomorrow.

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its in normal mode, not private browsing.

its not due to kde-git, its probably because I select the "system theme", and I am using light color system theme and also not dark reader.


My bad, I was not up to date :sweat_smile: I see what you mean now. I guess a solution would be to give that logo some sort of shadow or border, that will somehow work on any background, light or dark. I'll see if i can come up with something in the next few days, as I want to design an icon for the new settings tab as well!



It seems it has shadow now :slight_smile: hurray :slight_smile:

Thanks, it looks much better now.

Btw.... don't you think there is "something missing" from the icon/image/avatar as well? a shadow or something?



I think it does have a shadow but not as much as the type. I had to make it pretty bold in order to make it work white-on-white. However that icon is @SGS's creation so I won't mess with it. I think the new tab page looks pretty nice now, and I'm glad we fixed this theme compatibility issue!


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