Finally making the shift. Need sone info beforehand

Not newbie to linux. But still had a silly question about release cycle and updates. I am finally making the move. My primary os for first time will be garuda. But I wanted to know a thing. I know garuda isnt a rolling release like Manjaro. But once upon a time I used pop os on my main computer. Back then ubuntu's .10 or .04 were major releases. If I was running a x.10 release and canonical released its next version...... x.04, the ubuntu had a way to upgrade without data loss. It was complicated. But pop made it just a click.

So if I install current latest release, then if a new version of garuda is released, do I get upgrade via Pacman, any special garuda app, or do I need to reinstall os to the latest version.

My reason for switching is I like the appearance and timeshift integration
More than that I love this forum and this community. Really responsive and highly concerned for end user experience. You guys are the best. Keep up the good work👍

You seriously have a issue somewhere above

Making suggestions before knowing how things worked.

You did not even try garuda beforehand

Those who don't try it just makes assumptions and actually I'm quite pissed about this


I am asking. What do I do if a new version of garuda is released?

Sorry but I tried it under vm. I agree I didnt go in depth of exploring the whole thing.
Appreciate your concern over the same.

I ask it politely,
I want to know in case if a new release how do I upgrade.
Do I need to start all over again by reinstalling the new iso version, or I recieve the new features and the version in some other way.

sudo pacman -Syu

Garuda is a rolling release like Arch. Same update pattern applies.

Update if you want updated package versions, reinstall if you want a fresh new setup that matches the installer image.


Is that applicable for garuda linux custom features as well? I mean after a new release do I need to reinstall the iso?

No you do not need to reinstall

Most of the features get to the users

The only that didn't is packages changes

Which you can add
As for theming open garuda assistant and apply new config


Thanks. I will now continue with the calamaris installer.
Appreciate it

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