Feels like I'm finally home

Hello everyone! I just wanted to introduce myself here :pray:

My name is Skye, I'm 33 and i live near Detroit Michigan and I am brand spanking new to Linux.(Installed Garuda about 5 hours ago) So far, I LOVE it minus one little issue that I'm sure will be resolved soon thanks to y'all! I am so glad I picked Garuda to start with and am so excited to be learning and to find such a strong supportive community. I've been a windows user my entire life and I've gotten pretty good at fighting with it over the years lol I have always been a tinkerer and have always felt the need to tweak and personalize everything i own especially electronics. I absolutely cannot believe i didn't get introduced to Linux by a friend or anyone. I have always modded, jail broken, rooted, hacked, etc all of my devices since i found out it was a thing all the way back to getting imported dragonball z games from japan and modding my ps1 to play them lol

I just decided recently that I want to persue a career in software development and design so I figure Linux is a good platform and starting point. I feel like there is no room to learn to code on windows without allllll the headaches. I plan on being on these forums pretty much daily so I look forward to meeting you all and I want to thank everyone currently helping me with my sound issue and I appreciate you jumping in and helping a panicked frustrated noob lol

Anyways, thank you to everyone for such a warm welcome and support that microsoft and apple users dream of :pray: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :purple_heart:




Welcome to the Linux world! Still fairly new myself (Roughly 6 months of full time use) but have tinkered with Linux since ~2005 (Red Hat 9) Its great once you get a hang of how to do everything and can get it all setup to your liking.


Always happy to see another Michigander! :smiley:
Glad to have you here!


Welcome to the Garuda community and the freedom Linux offers its users.

For those that like to tinker and customize their install there is no better OS. Windows and Apple offer very little flexibility when it comes to allowing users to modify their system. Linux is the king in this regard, and there is really no better OS for the die hard tinkerers.

Cheers, and welcome to Linux and Garuda. :beers: :wave:


Welcome! :wave:
Good to see that there’s someone in a similar boat. I was also a Windows user all my life until Linux Mint and Garuda, with this being my first full-time Linux distro :smiley:
Linux is like exploring a whole new world after being stuck in the Windows for so long!

too true HAHAHA, and on Linux if there’s something you don’t like, you can change it. No need to wait for Bill Gates or Steve Jobs! :joy:


a self proclaimed tinkerer will do awesome on linux. wecome!


That won’t last long. Pretty soon we’ll start abusing you like a regular family does around a Thanksgiving dinner table. Then you’ll know you’re home.


Welcome! I grew up across the state in Grand Rapids and went to college in the UP. Minnesota now! Fully Linux native for 2 years now, dabbled with it since the early 2000's. I strongly feel it's ready for desktop power users, but still a bit before it's ready for average users. Great platform to code on natively. I'm no developer, but I hack some code for bioinformatics, and all the tools are just so smooth.

This is a great community, elitists don't last long here.


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